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Value Card Alliance’s target markets include virtually any small-to-medium sized enterprise with a desire to grow, to conserve cash, to gain access to discounts equivalent to their gross margins, to move idle or excess stock or service capacity and businesses that could benefit from an interest-free line of credit. In addition to this core base of businesses there is a section of National chains that offer worldwide opportunities to the network.

Our 6 years of leading the industry in growth and experience shows that the Value Card Alliance delivers benefits and results to virtually any business model. This includes the retail, hospitality, labour, transport, media, manufacturing and communications sectors.

The top 10 sectors in which Value Card members operate in and enjoy the greatest success are:


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Value Card Alliance License Benefits:

Being a VCA Licensee is your opportunity to join one of the most dynamic global businesses today in a major growth industry.

As a VCA Licensee, you will control your own business with the support one of the largest Trade Exchange in the world.

VCA has created and developed a brokering system and enrollment process that is strategically the strongest available. This system has proven to offer significant increases in revenue streams. Our model is a modern version of the age-old concept of bartering

Doing business this way is of particular value to the small and medium business community. Bartering enables all businesses to save on their cash outlay for goods and services. VCA has also helped many businesses to expand and diversify. As technology changes daily in our world, VCA utilizes that technology in an industry where it is virtually unused and creates opportunities for all of our LAG offices.

  • Advertising materials have are available specific to all areas
  • Internationally linking phone system, connects all offices for the ease of communications
  • The power of 36,000 businesses is available to your first member
  • An on line store with over $50 Million in product is available to your first member
  • In house Fax blasting for any National database
  • In house mobile blasting for your members anywhere nationally

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What members say


"Cave Creek Trailrides joined Value Card Alliance in the fall of 2009. Initially we were very skeptical of the whole barter idea and did not feel that we would use it. We also did not think that it would be good for our business. Out trade broker did not push us but did buy some gift certificates from us to get us started so we had trade money immediately. Over the past year we have become huge fans of Value Card Alliance. Many of the things that I would normally be paying cash, I have been able to trade for. I have traded a car window (my first trade), dental, printing, a video, just to name a few. I have used it primarily for business related expenses that I would normally have to pay cash but have been able to use my trade dollars for instead. Needless to say I LOVE the barter idea and Value Card Alliance has been GREAT to work with. If you can’t find it on the site, just ask your broker and she can usually find it for you. Last year we did about $8,000 worth of trade and hope to do more this season."
Cave Creek Trailrides