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  2. Client is responsible for any taxes, gratuities, service charges and incidentals charged by VCA or individual properties.
  3. Reservations placed directly at a property without the VCA authorization will be treated as a cash reservation.
  4. All reservations are subject to availability and black out periods may apply.
  5. Client authorizes VCA to issue a payment due on reservations.
  6. VCA strives to book quality accommodations but cannot guarantee the quality or conditions of properties.
  7. All service fees must be paid up to date. If not, client authorizes VCA to charge the above cc for fees due.
  8. Booking Fees - A cash booking fee will be billed by VCA when a reservation has been booked.
    • $25.00 for bookings within Arizona • $50.00 for bookings outside of Arizona • $125.00 for bookings totaling $4,000.00 Trade or more


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What members say

Morris C. Katzoff

"We have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending that you consider Value Card Alliance Trade Exchange and Barter. We have used Value Card over the past three years now for everything from getting our house painted (interior and exterior), completely new landscaping, a waterfall, decorative curbing around our property, insulated or attic and added a radiant barrier shield reducing our utility costs. We did electrical work, plumbing, interior decorating, all new blinds for our house and have enjoyed dinning and discovering numerous new restaurants throughout the valley. In addition we used barter to do a complete wedding one of our children which included a caterer, photographer, tuxedo for the wedding party, hair styling for my son's wife and her maids of honor. Recently we even bartered for two motorcycles. Over the years we have bartered well over $85,000 for various goods and services. This represents cash that would have had to come out of pocket, but instead I was able to use barter and minimize my actual cash outlay for everyday household and business expenses. Simply put, barter is just conducting normal day-to-day business without spending cash. It’s like a secondary currency. It is the art of bartering what you have for what you want while conserving cash for the things you can't barter for. For instance have you ever needed some kind of product or service but lacked the resources to purchase it? I'm sure at one time or another, we all have. Bartering is your solution for eliminating this problem. Whenever we are thinking of purchasing a product or in need of a service we always look to see if it is available thought Value Card Alliance Trade Exchange and Barter. If I can't seem to find what I want or need I just pick up the phone or shoot an e-mail to my broker and ask for help. More times than not she is able to assist me in obtaining what I need. Value Card Alliance Trade Exchange and Barter has always been professional, which makes us more than happy to write them this recommendation."
Morris C. Katzoff,
Kimberly House