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  2. Client is responsible for any taxes, gratuities, service charges and incidentals charged by iTP or individual properties.
  3. Reservations placed directly at a property without iTP authorization will be treated as a cash reservation.
  4. All reservations are subject to availability and black out periods may apply.
  5. Client authorizes iTP to issue a payment due on reservations.
  6. iTP strives to book quality accommodations but cannot guarantee the quality or conditions of properties.
  7. All service fees must be paid up to date. If not, client authorizes iTP to charge the above cc for fees due.
  8. Booking Fees - A cash booking fee will be billed by iTP when a reservation has been booked.
    • $25.00 for bookings within your home state • $50.00 for bookings out of state • $125.00 for bookings totaling $4,000.00 Trade or more


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What members say


"After being a member of The Value Card Alliance for nearly 2 years, I can honestly say it is by far the most proactive and customer service-oriented barter club I have ever used. I have been a member of numerous barter clubs and have found most of them to be slow when it comes to helping you get new business and anxious when it comes to getting you to spend your money. Not VCA. They continuously present our services to other VCA clients and we have no trouble attaining new business. For example, at one point, I found myself with a low balance in my trading account and I called to ask for help. By the end of the day, I had over $5,000 in new business in my account and I didn't lift a finger. Now that's service! Every month they bring on dozens of new, quality business members so spending the money is not a problem either. Unlike other clubs which have a small selection of businesses, VCA a variety of options for just about any category. When we needed a dentist, there were 4 to choose from...not just one. That kind of thing is important in a barter club. Lastly, when most other clubs send you to voicemail, and are very slow to respond, I always can get someone on the phone at VCA to help with questions immediately. Everyone at the Value Card Alliance has treated me with the utmost courtesy. I would highly recommend that any business owner give membership in VCA very serious consideration."